December 21, 2016 by #KACreates, Blogspot, Tips


Mirrors can be your best friends or they can pretty much be your worst enemy. On days when you’re looking on top and sharper than ever, it’s not strange to say that they become an ultimate source of positive self affirmation.
“Wow, I look good today.”
Come on, admit it. We’ve all been there before. But it’s just as easy to end up on the other side of the spectrum. Right? “Wow, I look good” could always slide down that slippery slope to “Ugh, I look horrible” depending on the circumstances. That’s just the way it is; mirrors are a double-edged sword. A tool we invented which allows us to program how we feel about ourselves physically at a given time. It’s a little funny isn’t it? However, the most powerful mirrors are not the ones we look at everyday. Take your finger and place it on your forehead. Yeap, the most powerful tool to program perception is right in there.
In your mind.

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